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One of the biggest reasons people move to a new house is because they need more room. Whether they are growing their families or they don’t have any internal storage in their home at the moment.

Instead of moving to a new home, you could convert your loft and make it a livable space. You need to have a professional company on your side for this one though because it is quite a big job. You can conveniently store your belongings at home rather than elsewhere, and a loft conversion can be the best option.

Extra space for storage

Whether they are growing their families or they don’t have any internal storage in their home at the moment, they can get that when they move to a bigger house.

A loft conversion is way more affordable than choosing to sell your current house and buy a new one. With all of the costs involved in selling a house and all of the costs involved in buying a house, you have to consider whether it would be the right thing for you or not. Moving is stressful, and if you don’t have to have that stress then why would you?

It’s cost-effective

  • Cape Verde had the cheapest coffee, visa cost and rent
  • Iceland had the longest daylight hours
  • Portugal had the least time difference from the UK
  • Spain had the longest visa stay, cheapest visa, fastest internet speed and most coworking spaces

Another American blog, Sammy D Vintage is not only inspiring but a really informative vintage blog. I look to the blog for advice on caring for fashion and how to wear it in an accessible way. I found this site when she shared a 1990s vintage fashion blog written by moi, and I have avidly followed it ever since. With posts like 21 Reasons to wear 1940s vintage – what’s not to love?

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