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School is often a highly stressful period in young people’s lives. They have to navigate new responsibilities, strive for academic excellence, and stay in touch with their friends and family.

Of course, this period often leads to increased levels of anxiety. Yet, only a few students know how to handle such pressure and study stress as well as taking care of their mental health without compromising their studies. These are the working strategies to help you cope with anxiety and study stress. Use these tips to improve your mental and physical health with ease. 

You should feel better about the upcoming work as long as you can easily manage each task individually.

Create a Study Schedule

These strategies should teach young people to stay in the moment and acknowledge their thoughts, feelings, and emotions without suppressing them. These techniques, including yoga, meditation, deep breathing, etc., can help you control your breathing, improve your sleep, and manage your anxiety. 

Organising your study time with a schedule provides structure and predictability, and nothing says ‘stress’ more than timely matters and fast-approaching deadlines. A proper schedule helps you avoid last-minute cramming and the overwhelming feeling of having too much to study. 

Break Tasks into Smaller Steps

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We often tend to procrastinate and delay when feeling overwhelmed. A large essay, a big project, or exam preparations can affect your confidence. Understandably, big assignments may stress you out. You keep pressuring yourself to do perfect while following instructions, recalling writing rules, forbidden words in writing, and the subject’s curriculum

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